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Our approach to stakeholders is oriented towards a long-term strategy, where business returns are mutually beneficial to all participants within a business ecosystem. This contrasts with a short-term "gain play" approach where some participants benefit at the expense of others. We embrace a win-win philosophy, which ensures continuity for both customers and the participants who serve them. We maintain a policy of not disclosing customers or partners by name but instead refer to them in descriptive terms or during conversations. However, disclosing them by name becomes available once we have established a formal engagement with a stakeholder.
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Our customers actively participate in our business approach and, as a result, become beneficiaries of commercial gains through enhanced capability in management and decision-making. However, it is crucial to emphasize that the implementation must align with the enterprise’s business and operating models, and this alignment is fortified by executive commitment.

Engaging in assertive customer discussions is a pivotal step in solidifying the implementation process. The aim is to establish enterprise capabilities that will assume ownership and maintenance of the platform, ensuring continuity and sustainability. Below are a few illustrative customer cases where we have gained experience and on some conducted our implementations.

3rd Largest FNO in SA
Measured by Houses Passed's management platform has been successfully implemented in the third-largest FNO (fiber network operator) in South Africa, spanning across all their production and sales functions. This implementation encompasses various facets, including network planning and projects. The enterprise boasts a user base of over 700 daily active users, over 140 000 portal customers, and extensive suppliers base.

The platform is leveraged to its fullest extent, managing assets, liabilities, income, and expenses through various business objects and an extensive workflow system. These functionalities encompass a range of operations, including service delivery, order book management, installation, maintenance, customer care, ticket management, and more.

User interfaces are diversified, encompassing customer portals, sales portals, management dashboards through Power BI, field applications, and more. The implementation is marked by comprehensive integration with the underlying OSS/BSS (Operational Support Systems/Business Support Systems) systems, ensuring seamless operation and functionality.

Fast Food Franchise
Using Uber Eats's management platform includes integration with Uber Eats, a feature that plays a crucial role in managing the production cycle, labour scheduling, procurement, stockkeeping, and outlet surveillance both within the store and off-site. This integration provides a comprehensive solution for franchise operations, allowing for efficient scaling and management of the franchise network.

& Call Centre Supplier deployed its platform for an installation at a call center vendor, where the platform's capabilities in workflow management, ticket management, scheduling, and installation reporting were extensively utilized to streamline and enhance operations.

Fast Food
Franchise developed and implemented a daily predicted sales schedule and end-of-day cash reconciliation system, which allows for accurate tracking of cash takings and aids in cash flow planning. This system was successfully deployed to over 60 outlets, with some of them occasionally operating offline due to weak signal conditions.

Small Retail Bank conducted its own deployment of procedure manuals (SOPs) to retail branches of a small retail bank. In this setup, the head office function oversees the compilation and deployment process from an intelligence hub, managing and governing the dissemination of these procedures to ensure standardised practices across branches.

Large Retail Bank

Platform experience and exposure have been gained through two significant implementations within one of the large South African retail banks.

The first implementation involved a management platform in commodity finance, aimed at overseeing legal arrangements, daily funding, and mitigating credit and operational risks.

The second deployment extended across several back-office functions within the same bank. These encompassed areas such as home loans, vehicle finance, international banking, general banking products, the FICA center (Financial Intelligence Centre Act compliance), and the payment environment. These implementations have contributed to a robust platform experience and a broad range of exposure to diverse operational domains.

Referral Partners

Our preferred approach involves having a referral partner for every customer. This arrangement offers customers an additional impartial channel for sound boarding, escalation, or influencing the implementation and maintenance of their platform. For us, it provides insights into how effectively the platform’s impact is being realised.

The referral partner plays a pivotal role in guiding the customer in aligning with the choices made during implementation. Importantly, we prefer the referral partner to be independent from the BPM (Business Process Management) partner, ensuring an unbiased perspective in the partnership.

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Process Partners

Our Process or BPM (Business Process Management) partners are independent from  The BPM partner will directly contract with the customer for implementation. We have a support program for BPM partners which include customers.  Our recommendation is that customers engage a BPM partner for continuity on an on-going basis beyond the initial implementation and/or even after they have established and onboarded BPM capability.  Our BPM partners will assist to run an implementation in a Steering Committee governance fashion.  They will supply and assist with business architecture, business analytics, process implementation, project management, change management, etc.

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Developer Community

Developers who are part of the engagement can be directly involved in delivering solutions to the customer or may work on an assignment basis through In either type of engagement, a crucial step is the quality assurance process conducted by before the developed code is deployed into the platform.

The focus of these developments will primarily revolve around integration with the systems in the customer’s environment, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality. This quality assurance step guarantees that the integrated components meet the required standards and operate effectively within the platform.

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