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Our business insights are drawn from many years of practical experience in building sustainable businesses. The cornerstone of a business's delivery capability lies in the construction of its operating model and the management practices it has embraced. In this context, alignment with the business model and strategy holds paramount importance, but so does the "DNA" of its people and the means of enablement. To access these insights, we invite you to sign up, which helps us understand our readers and allows us to better tailor our content. We sincerely appreciate your engagement and look forward to hearing your views on the subject matter.

Use Cases

Use cases represent implemented solutions and the positive outcomes they have generated for our customers. While each use case may have its unique characteristics, they all share a common core: the platform’s enablement, which serves as the cohesive force that brings together activities across the enterprise. This platform plays a central role in facilitating and aligning various business processes and functions to achieve meaningful results for our customers.

Business Statehood

Business structures encompass the way an enterprise is organised to deliver value to its customers. While it may have various manifestations, it ultimately boils down to three fundamental components:


Functional Alignment

This pertains to how functions within the organisation are structured and arranged to align with the business model. It encompasses defining roles, responsibilities, and hierarchies.


Collaboration and Engagement

This focuses on how different functions collaborate and work together toward common objectives. Governance structures and mechanisms play a pivotal role in facilitating effective collaboration.


Decision-Making Mandates

Decision-making mandates are established through reporting structures and authority hierarchies. These structures dictate how decisions are made and who holds the authority to make them.

Additionally, operational practices such as stakeholder contracting also play a role in enabling these structures to function effectively within the organisation. Together, these elements form the foundation of an enterprise’s business structure, shaping how it operates and delivers value to its stakeholders.

Corporate Compass

The input to a personal corporate compass includes natural talents and behavioural observations, which are shared to make a positive difference in one’s personal and corporate life. In a workplace, individuals are invariably exposed to various human behaviours. The awareness of these behaviours can be invaluable, as it enables individuals to respond to circumstances in a thoughtful and constructive manner rather than reacting impulsively. This heightened self-awareness can contribute to more effective interpersonal relationships and decision-making in both personal and professional contexts.

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